Stress of Applying to College

Ahhh, the stress of applying to colleges; I remember it well. Everyone during junior year seems to talk about it as they gear up for the SAT’s and ACT’s. Some, with older siblings having already gone through the trials and tribulations of applying to colleges, might even start talking about it earlier, because they remember all of the buzz around the house when their parents were working with the oldest child. I realize this can be a very stressful time in your life, but my hope is that this article will help put things into perspective. The fact is, as you go through life, there will be plenty of road blocks put in front of you which many will deem worthy of stressing over. I’m not try to diminish the fact that applying for college is not stressful, but I do want to put into perspective that some things in life may not warrant spending too much negative energy on. Although it may be difficult to understand this at a young age, it won’t take long for you to completely understand what I mean.

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