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The “Teens Can Dream” organization started in the mind of Todd J. Courtney sometime in 2012. He worked tirelessly for the next couple years to bring the website to life.

Todd saw a need for teens and pre-teens to have a “go to” portal to learn how to navigate through the many challenges thrown at them in life.


Instead of thinking the worst during challenges, such as academics, SAT scores, applying to college, drugs and alcohol, acne, sports, and even dating among many others, Todd says, “we endeavor to show our youth how to create the world they dream of.”

His goal was to create something the matters and give access to “all” of our youth.

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Our Purpose: to teach our youth that they have unlimited potential and to show them how to break away from the societal norms which are holding far too many back.

 Challenge:  Each story only takes about 10 minutes or less to read.  I challenge every teenager to read two stories each week while re-reading many of the same stories and watch your life change forever!