Living with Abuse

When I think of the multiple types of abuse out there, it saddens me to think about how hard it is to stop it. In the world we live in, there are millions more questions than we have answers for. As I write this for the too many of you out there having to deal with it in your daily lives, my objective is to teach you how to try and deal with it while at the same time training you to think differently so as to break the chain.

The one thing we do know about abuse is that it is most often a learned behavior. Keep in mind there are exceptions to the rule, but for most the pattern of behavior was learned. This can be from a number of places such as your parent’s parents, yes your grandparents. They may seem perfect to you, but maybe when they were your parent’s age and raising them, life was different. It could be aunts and uncles or other relatives. It could be school teachers or bosses at work. For some it could be foster parents and the list goes on and on. Regardless of where or how the behavior was learned, it’s important just to know that most likely they themselves were raised the same way they are raising you.

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