Wanting a Date for the Prom

The following article is designed to help you attract a date for the prom.

It seems to me the majority of teenagers in high school would like to go with someone to a school dance–Junior Prom, Senior Ball, or whatever the event is called at your school. I realize there are exceptions to the rule, where some have no desire whatsoever to attend one or any of the dances. I also realize that many others would like to go, but just don’t believe there is anyone out there who would like to go with them. This pattern of thought has been going on for many years, and my intention is to change that for as many people as possible by teaching you how to focus your thoughts in one direction.

First, let’s talk about all the chatter that happens in our heads, regarding the belief that there is no one to go with. What thoughts do we have when a hot guy or girl walks down the hall at school or across the field? “I would love to go to the dance with him/her. That would be awesome…” “But, he wouldn’t like me. He’s the hottest guy in school.” Or, “She wouldn’t like me. She’s the hottest girl in school.”



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