You’re probably reading this because you stress out before taking a test. When did the stress start? Was it the day before? The night before? The week before? Maybe the morning of? More importantly, why are you stressing? Is it an important test? Is it a major part of your grade? Do you need a good grade to get into a certain course and/or take your GPA to the next level? It really doesn’t matter what the reason is, as it will vary for everyone, because the stress is all the same. Some people stress before each and every test even though they’ve spent a lot of time studying and ace most all of them. Maybe stressing pushes some of us to study more? One might say, “Maybe if I study a lot, I won’t stress so much?” (For some yes, but for others, no.) Most of us stress for one of two reasons. First, you didn’t put enough time into studying and of course the result is you may not do so hot on the test. Second, you’re a habitual stress monster who can’t help themselves.

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