Peer Pressure

As most all of you teenagers already know, being a teenager can be very difficult. With all the hormone changes, physical body changes, transitions from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school, relationship difficulties, friend troubles (and efforts to find the group you fit into), and the many other challenges teens face, it’s no wonder life can be stressful for teenagers. What can and does add to the difficulty during this time in your life is whether or not you’re growing up in a home with support. There are too many cases in which the parents are absent in the teen’s life. Maybe there’s only one parent who has to work; maybe no parents are around, so you’re in the care of grandparents or foster parents. Regardless of what your situation is in your life right now, my objective is to teach you how to make it better. I realize you don’t have many places to go and be taught how to create the life you want. So, that’s why I’ve written these short stories and books and created the web site,

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