Peer Pressure To Drink

When we are pressured into drinking alcohol, we’re talking about a possible game changer here. The effects of alcohol can be far reaching. The NCADD reports that 2.5 million deaths worldwide are the result of alcohol, and 320,000 of those deaths are involve young people aged 15-29. I know; you’re thinking, “Yes, we’ve been shown the statistics before but that’s not going to happen to me.” Well, I can tell you that every one of those people lying in the graveyard said the exact same thing. Let’s bring it closer to home. Almost every high school has a story about a student getting into an alcohol-related car accident causing a fatality. These are things we can’t take back. At least as far as I’m aware of, no one has figured out how to turn back the clock so we can erase our mistakes of the past. Have you heard of any stories like this?Did you personally know the person–or friends of the person–who died? Do you know what the family has to deal with? Not only have they lost their child, but maybe during the accident someone else died as well. Now the family has to deal with knowing their child killed someone else on top of dealing with their own loss. Plus, the innocent victim’s family will most likely sue the at fault family, potentially causing the the family to lose everything the parents have worked for their entire lives. That’s how quickly the tide can change. Life can go from having fun to I’m done in just a matter of seconds.

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