The one thing we do know about gossiping is that it is most often a learned behavior. There are exceptions to the rule, but for most, the pattern of behavior was learned. This can be from a number of places such as parents, siblings, other relatives, friends, television and movies, as well as other kids. Regardless of where or how the behavior was learned, there are some mind techniques I will teach you that can help you avoid taking in the gossip, which will help prevent you from spreading the gossip. You’ll learn this by focusing your thoughts in one direction.

In this short story, I’m going to teach you how to think your way to happier days. Whether the gossiping is in the classroom, during lunch hour, on the way home from school, or over the internet, I’m going to unveil to you the secrets of how much power you actually have in regards to what’s going on in your life. Don’t believe for one second that you are at the mercy of either being lucky or unlucky and that luck is going to determine how your life is going to be, becausewhether or not you believe it, you and only you are in control of your destiny. You just need to be taught how to focus your thoughts in one direction, so as to avoid the gossip.

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