Cyber Bulling

When I think of the multiple types of bullying happening today, it saddens me to think about how hard it is to stop. In the world we live in, there are millions more questions than we have answers for. As I write this, for the too many of you out there having to deal with cyberbulling in your daily lives, my objective is to show you how to think differently so you can avoid being bullied as much as possible by focusing your thoughts in one direction.

Unlike physical bullying, cyberbullying is a relatively new phenomenon. Because it’s so new, given the internet only began to expand in the late 1990’s, of all the teens today who have been or are currently being bullied, none have parents who have ever experienced cyberbullying, so quite frankly, they don’t know how to stop it. On top of that, schools and police authorities don’t quite know how to deal with the problem either

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