Teens and Gossiping!

Well, from the question on, “how to stop friends from gossiping,” I wanted to go into more detail. The reality is so many of us are conditioned to talk negatively about other people. Quite frankly, it seems to be epidemic in our society. The most important factor which very few seem to realize, is that the one doing the gossiping is the one who is not happy.  When we are happy with who we are in life we tend not to think or speak negatively of others.  It’s when our lives seem to be falling in a tail spin, or maybe our insecurities are causing us to jockey for a higher position on the society ladder, that causes us to push the spotlight on someone else.

I would suggest reading the short story on gossiping as it will really open your eyes to the question of “why” people do this.  However, don’t try to “change” other people. It’s best to have them follow your lead without them even knowing it.”  Work on yourself. Once you change, everything around you changes!  If they like how you think and speak, they will follow you without even knowing it. But, when you try to force change on others, there will be an equal resisting force pushing back on you.  You might suggest they go to the Teens Can Dream website and maybe they’ll find the article themselves. Time will tell.