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Warning:  The information you are about to read can dramatically increase your skill leveland enhance many other areas of your life according to the level of your belief.  So, if you truly want to make the team and increase your batting average, read this article multiple times until you have it virtually memorized. Be careful in sharing this information with your teammates as they might offer opinions or advice which could potentially pollute your thinking.  Just send them to the website and let them be the master of their domain just as you are.

The following article is going to help you increase your batting average.

Are you nervous about your odds on making the team?  Do you feel you have issues with certain pitchers in your league? Maybe it’s certain types of pitches such as curve balls or sliders?  Maybe it’s fast balls?Whatever it may be, I’m going to help you grow beyond it as you learn to become a better hitter through the power of your mind.

Regardless of what your desire is, this article is designed to help make your dreams a reality. A common mistake so manykids, teens and even adults make is focusing on what we don’t want to happen.  For instance, you might say things like “I can’t hit a fast ball”. “I can’t hit a curve ball”.  “I can’t seem to hit off this pitcher”.  “Something is wrong with me”.  Well, you’re right!  Something is wrong with you and it’s your thoughts. Oh sure, you may need more coaching and/or a change in your style or approach which of course is a normal progression of growing with the game as your body grows in strength. But by and large, you must focus your thoughts in one direction if you truly want to make the team and become a great player.

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