Avoiding Tickets and Accidents

Did your father ever give you stern warnings regarding driving? Did he say things like, “if you get a ticket, you’ll never drive again.” Or maybe, “if you get a ticket, you’re paying your own insurance.” What about, “if you get into an accident, you’re paying the deductible and the increased cost of insurance.” Whatever your parents might have said, the fact remains that no one wants tickets or accidents. But, guess what? A lot of accidents happen every single day and the number is dramatically higher for tickets.

So, why does this happen? Why are there so many accidents on the road? Are there really that many bad drivers? What about tickets? “Is it really a big deal that I’m going a little over the speed limit?” “I know how to drive?” “In fact, I’m a very good driver at fast speeds.” “It’s probably because the police just like to give out a lot of tickets so they can pay their salaries.” “That has to be the reason.” Well, as much as people like to use that rationale, that’s not the reason. As a long time driver, and more importantly for this story, having a long tenure in the insurance business, I’ve read a lot of data when it comes to driving statistics along with matching that data with my clients’ personality types. Much of this will sound like common sense. But, since it’s not commonly known, most people won’t think about it and therefore could potentially attract the attention of the police without even knowing it. If you think you already know what I’m about to tell you, think again and continue reading.

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