Warning: The information you are about to read can definitely help you prevent the use or abuse of alcohol and enhance many other areas your life according to the level of your belief. So, if you truly want to stay away from alcohol, read this article multiple times until you have it virtually memorized.
When researching alcohol online, this is what I found. “It has been estimated that alcohol has been around since the period of 10,000 B.C. Although, it’s believed they weren’t doing it for the reasons people do it today. Today, alcohol is widely used as a social outlet. It’s the beverage of choice when it comes to social events, dinner parties, concerts, and boating as well as other friendly gatherings. When consumed in moderation, it can be enjoyable and even enhance the pleasure of eating. But for some, it is used to escape physical realities, depression, fears, family, and many of the tortures one feels life has thrown at them. Unfortunately, the limited freedom alcohol appears to give them, is not ever lasting. In fact, the duration of escape alcohol provides is very short. This—of course—causes us to want to drink more, because we like the feeling of escaping our physical realities of life. The major drawback to this is the effects and the toll alcohol takes on our bodies and our brain.”

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